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About Us

CIT was established in 2005 in a highly competitive environment of leading companies, but CIT was able to make a distinguished presence for itself in the market.

Our success is back to the fact that we have accomplished the three basic axis for successful business; high quality products, incomparable prices, and exceptional business-client relationship.

Our team aim not only to sell for the client but to be in touch with them step by step to reach customized solutions that suits the requirements and work conditions of their business as if they are especially made for the client’s business. To do that we have an experienced team in electro- mechanics who are professionals, creative, respectful and knowledgeable

Why Choose Us ?

We are sure that our clients with trust will consider CIT their technical partner because we present:

  • Extensive and distinguished service coverage.
  • High quality but quick and on-time work accomplishment and services.
  • Incomparable prices.
  • Professional After-sale services.
  • Up-to-date and improved services at the same time.
CIT is one of the leading companies in Public Supplies Motors , Gearboxes , Variator and Inverters
We cooperate with best suppliers all over the world to offer you all of your needs from Gearboxes, Variators, Brake Motors, Electrical Motors and Vibrator Motors


The ongoing research to develop a full range of products of the transfer of the movement, subject to all products MOTOVARIO tested with state-of-the-art electronic devices to ensure that it is suitable for all working conditions. The company is proud of the services and support available to those supported by with a high degree of efficiency of a team of engineers with specialists in the applications with branches located in France, Spain, Australia, Germany, England, Denmark and the United States of America together. With the extensive coverage through a qualified network of distributors and agents and there are more than 20 gathering center MOTOVARIO supported within the network are able to supply all products and versions of dedicated to ensure the availability of the products be as close as possible decision makers original pieces of end-users. Provide the company body high quality services to its clients not only in terms of quality and delivery immediate but also in the service of preparation (PRE) and after the sale through quality and innovation, and mailboxes customer service MOTOVARIO can compete on the world, at the global level in all industrial fields guarantor of confidence and durability of all their products be MOTOVARIO are to provide products able to satisfy the requirements of a huge area of industrial applications with a wide range of variables fast. All are designed full products and manufactured in an area of 50,000 square meters in the two factories fall soon from Modena with a staff of about 500 the quality and competitiveness of guaranteed the industrialization process with the latest in the way of the art of the Mechanism included 170 Status of high-technology to address the mechanism and the compilation.


Composed brake drives from MGM style of hard court triple closure of the early stages of fan cooling, where stop engines for work in the case of a power outage, leading to the suspension of a precise and specific provisions and the process of rapid braking, with provide security when a sudden upsurge intervention in the case of a power outage in not supported, and achieve the braking operation without sliding a pivotal role in the arrest and a cylinder column, which supports to achieve equal braking in both directions of the axle and brake hard drives from MGM style particularly appropriate for use in the booster machines and transport from place to place, and industry machines and tools and machinery and special automatic transfer of textiles and ceramics and in the areas of mobilizing and in all the


ABB is the lead company in the world in the area of technical methods (of technologies) for power and the operation of the devices automatically, methods to enable the agents of the facilities and industries to improve performance, and at the same time reducing the negative impact on the environment and technology plays a key role for the activity practiced by ABB where we have activities in all parts of the world are working to develop a unique technologies in its kind would make our customers more competitive and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum.


For over 100 years BROOK CROMPTON have been a leader in the development of high efficiency electric motors. Colonel Crompton, a pioneer in the development of d.c. motors, formed R.E.B. Crompton & Co in 1878 and Ernest Brook made his first a.c. motor in Hudders field, UK in 1904 forming Brook Motors. The two organizations came together in the late 1960s and the company that is now BROOK CROMPTON has come a long way since then. BROOK CROMPTON is a leading provider of electric motors for the global industrial market, with motor solutions that benefit a wide range of customers involved in numerous diverse markets. Our products are used in almost every industrial activity including water treatment, building services, chemicals/petrochemicals, general processing and manufacturing where they drive fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors amongst other things. BROOK CROMPTON today incorporates many well know names from the history of electric motor production including Brook Motors, Crompton Parkinson, Electro drives (itself including AEI and English Electric), Newman and Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors. BROOK CROMPTON are committed to energy efficiency and are able to provide products designed to provide a low cost of ownership throughout the motor lifetime.


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MEGADYNE started in the industrialization drive belts in 1957 and considered MEGADYNE one of the best kinds of the belts high-quality in Europe and the world and this depends on the success of each of the continuous development of materials with the development of methods and manufacturing systems used by high levels of specialization to be applied in the sessions of the technology and production, and has been the achievement of this aspect with regard to the different demands and many on the application of modern traffic on the transfer of the movement. Also, high levels of quality achieved in the accessory drive belts MEDADYNE transmission has been subject to more safeguards through the activities of the expanded research comprehensive and where a wide range of tests and experiments of internal force in one of the departments of the fully-equipped in the field of Research and development. And MEGADYNE focus on customer needs to become a partner in the transmission system as a whole with a focus on both the product is manufactured and quality control systems. And the fact is that all production companies and the major US has already obtained and retain permanently certificates of the Quality System.